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Pills and patches that claim to enhance penis size abound vigrx plus on emsindex.com, there are simply thousands of different products and we could not possibly review them all. We do try to sample some of the most popular and commonly used products, and our volunteers will be adding more reviews to this page as their reviews finish.

penis Pills and patches

In essence, most pills and patches ‘work’ by promoting extra blood flow to the penis, and this blood flow is said to result in permanent size gains as the extra pressure of this blood expands and stretches the erectile tissue.

The difference between them is basically that pills are ingested and their contents are absorbed into the bloodstream through the stomach and GI tract, and patches are placed on to the skin and their ingredients absorbed through the skin’s pores.

ExtenZe Enhancement Pills – A Review

ExtenZe is a very popular male enhancement product that has been around for a while. The website claims the product is clinically proven to work to increase your penis size and improve your sexual health – hell, they even claim the product will boost male longevity (IE make you live longer), so how could we resist buying into that!

Well, who knows whether this is true – it’s not exactly something that can be tested so easily.

I was asked to review the product and see if it made my dick bigger after 12 weeks.

Looking at their website it’s clear to see that it is professionally designed and well layed out, with plenty of promotional material and srong incentives to buy the product all over the page. They even offer a 12 months supply at $200 discount (man, you’d have to be pretty crazy to invest in a whole year of this stuff, unless you KNEW it was going to work).

Horny Goat Weed in male enhancement pills

My only issue was with the ingredients panel. Like with many enhancement products, it contains herbal extracts and libido enhancers – specifically horny goat weed in this case. My problem is that they list it as ‘Horny Goat Weed (Epunedum Sagitum)’, which is wrong. Horny goat weeds are several species in the genus Epimedium, and the most common types used in herbal aphrodisiacs are E. Sagittatum and E. grandiflorum.

Basically, there’s no such thing as Epunedum Sagitum, and if they can’t list their ingredients correctly, why should I trust the rest of the information on the site?

Maybe I’m just a pedant, but then I take my plants seriously.

I also take my cock seriously, which is why I signed up for this review, so here we go.

I took the ExtenZe pills as instructed for 12 weeks. During this time I was a lot more horny than usual, which was a bit distressing as I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment, and I went out and spent far too much money on beer in nightclubs trying to get laid, but thats my problem I suppose.

After a couple of weeks I did notice I looked and felt bigger when soft, which I think is the main way pills like these work. Sure it’s great having a bigger softy, but its not much good if you don’t get a bigger hardon.

After the 12 weeks was up I found my hard length had increased by about 3 quarters of an inch, which I was pretty happy with, even if I still don’t have a girlfriend.

So I suppose they work, but I won’t be spending hundreds of dollars on a year’s supply – not unless I get a girlfriend, or a raise, or perhaps both.

I should be so lucky.

You can visit the ExtenZe website here: ExtenZe pills