Extenders And Pumps

Here you can find reviews of mechanical penis extenders such as weights and traction devices, and pumps such as vacuum pumps and water-based devices.

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Mechanical Penis Extenders

Mechanical extension devices are attached to the penis – usually when flaccid – and then extended by the user to a tolerable level of discomfort! These mechanical penis extenders come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and cover quite a broad range of prices. Although the principle by which they work is broadly similar across the whole range, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for, and the more expensive products are generally more comfortable to use, made from better-quality materials, and designed to fit any size and shape penis.

Some extenders are designed to be worn overnight while asleep, and some are small enough to be worn all day, if desired.

Many of the product manufacturers’ websites make quite outrageous claims about their products effectiveness, claiming to double your size or add inches in a few weeks. These claims are unlikely (to say the least) to be true, and have more to do with the level of competition in the market place; sadly (especially in the adult industry it seems) unrealistic claims sell more units than honest claims.

No authoritative clinical trials into the effects of traction or tortion devices have been conducted, and only anecdotal evidence exists about their effectiveness. Nevertheless, mechanical devices remain the most popular solution for many men. Our review volunteers sampled a few of the products (some reviews are still in progress, and this site will be up-dated as new reviews come in), and you can read their thoughts and experiences below.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are very popular as they have a range of uses. In addition to being advertised as size extenders, penis pumps are also commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction, to help you get hard again quickly after coming, and some are also fitted with flesh-like interiors and designed to be used as masturbators.

Despite the claims of many manufacturers, using a penis pump is unlikely to give you a noticeable permanent size gain. They are very useful at helping you to get a bigger hard-on just after you use it, and can be great fun as a toy, but thats about it.

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They are most effective against erectile dysfunction, and offer a safe and effective alternative to drugs or natural remedies, but if you’re looking just for a way to make your old-chap bigger, are best left on the shelf.

Our volunteers sampled a few penis pumps (some reviews are still in progress, and this site will be up-dated as new reviews come in), and you can read their thoughts and experiences below.

The Passion Pump Penis Pump – A Review

Penis pumps come in all shapes and sizes, and some of them are frankly scary-looking, so I was glad to review a pump that actually looked like fun to use.

I was, am, and am likely to remain, deeply sceptical about the ‘permanent size gain’ claims made by makers of penis pumps.

Pumps have long been used to treat impotence and as sex toys and wank-aids, and in my humble opinon, thats all they should be sold for.

Still, I was asked to review and play around with one product, the Passion Pump Penis Pump, for this blog, and thats what I set out to do. I figured that even if the thing doesn’t give me a bigger dick, at least I can have a little extra fun and give my wrist a rest.

To be fair to the makers of Passion Pump, it’s not really sold especially as a penis enhancer, but they do claim that it can ‘increase your size by up to 1cm/month’ with frequent use, so this is the claim that my review is supposed to test.

Here’s a picture of this delightful looking device:

Looks nice, huh?

I was asked to use the product every day for 12 weeks, and measure my cock at the end of it. I was also asked to find out if using the product helped me get hard again quicker after cumming, so I knew I was in for a lot of fun!

Passion Pump

Well, I can pretty safely say that using the Passion Pump every day won’t give you a permanently bigger dong. I noticed no difference in my size from start to finish of the 12 weeks.

I can also safely say that it DOES give you a bigger hardon each time you use it, because it pulls extra blood into your dick. So, while it won’t give you a permanently bigger member, it does give you the biggest, hardest hardons you can personally get each time.

I’m lucky enough not to suffer impotence (I’m only 26, so I suppose I’ve got that to look forward to) but I can really see how pumps like this one would work against impotence. As per my brief for this review, I did a little experiment: One day I had a good wank, then timed how long it took me to get hard again (while watching great porn) and playing with myself. This is something I do quite a lot anyway, having been sans girlfriend for some months, so it wasn’t a particularly arduous experiment. It took me about 8 minutes to get it up again, to a state hard enough to do anything with.

Next day (have to give yourself time to recover!) I cracked one off, then, watching the same great porn (scientifically controlled experiment, you see) I used my new friend the passion pump and was solid again in less than 2 minutes.

The best thing about this product, to my mind, is the material of the penis sleeve, because it does feel pretty damned good (especially if you use a little lube) and when you draw out the air and pump it up, and feel it sucking your cock, well, its not quite better than sex (shit, its been so long I can hardly remeber what sex is like) but its pretty fucking close.

Happily, the pump is also easily cleaned.

Well, at the end of my review time I’ve concluded that the Passion Pump is:

  • Great fun
  • Feels fucking amazing
  • Gets you hard again quicker
  • Gives you a bigger hardon when you use it
  • Will not make you permanently bigger

So personally I’d happily buy this as a wank-aid, but if all your looking for is permanent size gain, don’t bother.