Exercises and Massages

There are several techniques and methods of self-massage that can be used to (allegedly) make your penis bigger.

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The best thing about these techniques is that they require no equipment or pills, so are generally free. These exercises and massages can be carried out easily every day.

The problem is, many websites offer courses and ebooks that all claim to give you the perfect technique to enlarge your penis by huge amounts in no time take lock on www.prosolution-gel.com . As with just about all of the products (for, make no mistake, an ebook or DVD training course is a product in just the same way as a course of pills or an extension device) we suspect they are exaggerating somewhat. Yes, the techniques may work, but are unlikely to produce the results they claim in the time frame they say.

Sadly, this is a function of the quantity of competition they face, and is unlikely to change.

Nevertheless, we attempt to review some of these products and our volunteers will be reporting on them soon.

Our first item in this section is – you’ll be glad to know – completely free, and can be mastered by anyone.

Jelqing Massage Technique – A Review

I was asked to perform a twelve week review of the ancient technique of penis manipulation known as Jelqing, or milking.

I was actually a little pissed at first seeing as how other volunteers here got sent free penis extenders or free pills to try, but I suppose if you volunteer for something you ‘ve got to go through with it!

First of all, here’s how Jelqing works and how you do it. Jelqing is free and doesn’t need any equipment except a bit of warm water and some lube, and a heck of a lot of patience.

Jelqing is free

To begin with, you need to warm up. To do this, massage your penis until it is semi-erect, and either wrap it in a warm, damp cloth for a couple of minutes, or just play with it in the bath. The warm water is important as it helps to expand the tissues and draw blood into your penis. Note that you should not have an erect penis, as masaging it too much in this state can be painful and maybe even damage the tissue.

Once you’ve warmed up, you’re ready to jelq!

Use a little lube such as baby oil or even olive oil if you don’t have any expensive lubricants, and rub it into your hands. Then, form a circle around the base of your semi-erect penis with the thumb and index finger of one hand, and squeezing gently, move your hand down to the head of your penis. When you reach the head, do the same thing with your other hand, and repeat as a continuous milking action, sliding one hand after another down the shaft of your semi erect penis. Do not massage the head, as this area is easily damaged and cannot be extended any way.

Most of the advice I’ve seen suggests that you should jelq every day, performing 100 strokes a day in the first week, 200 in the second week, 300 in the third week and then up to 500 a day thereafter, for as long as you like (or can stand the tedium).

For this review, I chose to follow the advice but only to do up to 300 a day. So, in week 1 I did 100 a day, week 2 200 a day, and weeks 3 through 12 300 a day.

For me the main problem was the boredom of doing these same exercises every day. Another problem I found sometimes was that its quite natural when warming up and carrying out the exercises to get a full hard on, after all your penis doesn’t know its supposed to stay semi erect. Then you have to wait for it to go down a bit, and not lose count of how many exercises you’ve done and so on.

I measured my self at the end of each month, and found no difference until the end, when I’m pretty sure I’d grown about a quarter inch.

So, it seems this ancient technique does actually work a bit; maybe if I’d done the 500 a day I’d have added more than a quarter inch in 3 months, but the tedium would have driven me mad.

So at the end of my review I conclude that Jelqing can work a bit, is very boring, but is free!